Our Curriculum

Our Method

Our curriculum is built out of an interactive methodology where we foster critical thinking centered on political issues. We design activities, presentations, and workshops that are accessible and promote civic education through discourse. Before publishing curriculum, we present the workshops to experts in particular fields in order to create truth tested, factual, and necessary programs for Gen Z.


Media Bias

The Media Bias curriculum and workshop teaches students how to detect Media Bias and how to research news stories outside of their own political beliefs.

Federal Government

The Federal Government curriculum centers on the checks and balances between the three branches of the National Government. Students are engaged in civil discussions about the role of the government and take part in Political POV's.

State Government (CA)

The State Government curriculum is focused on the operations behind state legislatures and broadens students' understandings of their own state through interactive activities and productive conversations.

Local Government

The Local Government curriculum and workshop teaches students about their local government and how it functions. The curriculum enforces the importance of local government and stresses political discourse through educational activities.


The Voting curriculum enables students to use their voices and exercise their right to cast their vote. The workshop focuses on creating a positive atmosphere where students can express their opinions and engage in conversations about prominent issues.