About Us

Mission Statement

To encourage political discourse through civil and productive conversations.

With the growing polarization found across Gen Z today, Civic Onward was created with the intention of bridging the divide between people of diverse political backgrounds. From the start of this organization, Civic Onward has been a youth-led, national movement championing political discourse in order to create fruitful conversations through understanding.

The goal of Civic Onward is not to agree on every issue, but instead, to foster understanding and education among people from different sides of the issues.

We recognize that our mission is difficult to accomplish, but we believe that we can make Gen Z close echo chambers.

Our Approach

We have a three pronged approach for our organization based on educational development, political outreach, and campaigning. Our team focuses on building and producing curriculum that is used by schools and other political organizations through partnerships and marketing. We pride ourselves in the quality of our articles and posts as our team highlights how a national youth-led organization can bring change.

Meet the Team